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Providing information and networking opportunities for companies working in the independent sector and running residential children's homes

  • Collate and analyse statistical information with a view to identifying trends and concerns in the market place that will inform our members and may be a value in presenting and supporting our concerns to outside bodies. We aim to do this as a regular exercise and develop this as a part of the culture of ICHA.
  • Develop clear systems to regularly share information with Members which draws attention to key documentation; legislative changes etc which impact on Members Services allowing them to be flexible and proactive in the market place The intent is to provide a synopsis / review to members where at all possible and to highlight to members where the full documentation can be viewed. We will endeavour to communicate this through a regular Newsletter rather than through the drip feeding of information as was the past practice.
  • Raise issues and arbitrate with other bodies on behalf of our Members, and between members if requested to do so.
  • Endeavour to obtain funding, government or otherwise, on behalf of and for our Members to support staff development and where possible reduce staff turnover.
  • ICHA will endeavour to negotiate preferential deals for Members in terms of insurance, advertising and other ‘supplies’.
  • ICHA aim to increase its influence by continuing to attract new members from providers of residential services in the independent sector.
  • To develop a forum where concerns of member organisations can be articulated and practical support and solutions offered where ever possible.

Mission Statement

“To represent the independent residential child care sector and promote quality child care nationally within the membership.