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Welcome to the website of The Independent Children’s Homes Association

Why join us

If you are currently registered with Ofsted as a Children's Home, you need to be a member of ICHA. You can request a membership pack by emailing admin@icha.org.uk  or  via the website  - See Contact Us

Why join us?

ICHA is actively involved in promoting the needs of the sector and the children and young people who benefit from our services.

  • Representation on National bodies such as the National Contract Steering Group and the National Consultation Forum for Ofsted.
  • Representation to and co-ordination across regional databases and consortia, e.g. negotiations for annual fee increases.  
  • Responding to and influencing the changing market place.
  • New commissioning patterns.
  • Provide input to new legislation
  • Effective advocacy for improving child centred placements e.g.  increasing the  stability and appropriateness of placements.
  • Working with agencies concerned with recruitment, training and retention of our workforce.
  • Political lobbying so that the voice of the sector is heard.
  • Responding to Government papers and consultations.
  • Organising an annual national conference to highlight our activities and concerns.

ICHA is a professional organisation advocating on behalf of the Residential Child Care sector. ICHA enables you to 

  • Keep up to date with developments within the sector.
  • Be a member of an organisation whose members have extensive knowledge and experience.
  • Have your views expressed by an organisation that is consulted by key policy and decision makers.
  • Have access to advice and assistance on key issues  through articles, useful links and discussion forums on  the ICHA website, weekly bulletins, quarterly newsletters and  meetings,
  • Meet and share information with fellow members who may be facing similar challenges.
  • Benefit from being able to swiftly contact the ICHA office
  •  Have confidence that the Officers and  a Members Committee are working  tirelessly on your behalf